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The exclusivity of owning a Purebred Lusitano horse with Olympic genetics awaits you.

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Horse Team
Global Ambassadors

Horse Team is endorsed by outstanding Ambassadors who are committed to saving the Purebred Lusitano horse and recognize the sporting and social potential of the project, believing in the values that guide this unique equestrian journey.

Joana and Lapo Elkann

Commitment, innovation, and dedication define our essence.

Hence, Joana and Lapo Elkann, renowned figures in the realms of creativity, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, have joined Horse Team as Global Ambassadors.

Both see in our mission to elevate and preserve the Purebred Lusitano horse a reflection of their own values and the mission of the LAPS Foundation.

Neymar Jr.

We believe in talent, passion, and dedication.

That's why Neymar Jr., a global sports icon, became a global ambassador for Horse Team.

The Al-hilal player and key figure in the Brazilian national team visited our facilities in Santo Estevão - Portugal, experiencing firsthand the scale of the Horse Team project.

Horse Team, which also owns the renowned Campline Horses, offers a unique and exclusive opportunity for those looking to invest in the best of the equestrian world, securely and sustainably. Together, we provide the unparalleled chance to own a Lusitano horse with championship dressage genes.

A perfect blend of passion, tradition, and returns.

With technology and dedication, we are committed to shaping the future of our athletes and assisting them in becoming Olympic champions.

About us

Olympic Investments

We have already made our mark on Olympic stages and changed the way the world views the Purebred Lusitano horse. When you invest with us, you're not just buying a horse. You're investing in foals with closed genetics, direct descendants of the two Olympic horses that have proven their worth in world-renowned competitions. This is a unique opportunity where pedigree and potential come together exceptionally.

Our commitment goes beyond mere passion and care. Every day, we work hard to reach even higher standards. Our future goals include the PAN American Championship, the European Championship, and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

And the best part is that your investment will also embark on this triumphant journey.

Exclusive Benefits

The Elite recognizes Exclusivity. Join a select group that sees the Lusitano horse as a unique investment opportunity.

We use advanced reproductive biotechnology methods and rely on matrices with high genetic value, ensuring the breeding and development of foals with exceptional potential.

  • Exclusivity

    Become the owner of a Purebred Lusitano, one of the world's rarest breeds, and watch it grow whether up close or from afar.

  • Peace of Mind

    Your equestrian treasure will receive meticulous care at the Santo Estevão Equestrian Center in Portugal by the experienced team and athletes of Campline Horses. A passionate team of veterinarians, osteopaths, dentists, farriers, caregivers, and trainers will look after your horse daily.

  • A Secure Investment

    With a solid track record and a growing market, investing in a Purebred Lusitano is a stable and supported choice.

  • Attractive Financial Returns

    Beyond the pleasure of owning a unique and rare horse, you can expect significant financial returns in the medium term.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Through our application, follow your investment from anywhere in the world and watch your horse grow and thrive both physically and sportively.

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